SS Axial Air Mover

Only 1.8 Amps on High!

– 3000 CFM
– Daisy Chain up to 6 fans per 15 amp circuit
– Advanced Slotted Front Grill
– Stack 10 High (Only 90″ Tall)
– Best Stacking Air Mover in the Industry
– Only 22.95 Lbs
– Hour Meter
– Variable Speed Controller
– 1/8 horsepower variable speed
– Xactimate Code: WTR DRY+

– Palleted Dims: 42″ x 48″ x 94″ (32 units)

Available colors: Blue, Red, Black


The SS Axial is our flagship axial air mover. It is designed to be the most ergonomic and one of the highest-performance air movers in the industry. Here’s what  professionals love about it.

  • It is 9.375″ in width and engineered to interlock and stack better than any other.
  • The SS Axial runs off of 1.8 amps and features dual GFCI, hour meter, and variable speed switch.
  • Not only is this axial ergonomic and easy to carry, it is under 25 lbs in weight.
  • This is of the industry’s best efficiently built axial air movers.
  • You can store more fans in even less space.
  • Available in blue, green, red, black and any other special order colors you may need or require.

Contact us for specifics or to answer any questions.

SS Axial Air Mover

Easy to store, easy to transport


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